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When someone more attractive than you talks to the person you like.



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"Real friends are not those who are always around when everything’s almost perfect. They’re the ones who dig deep when you’re down just to pull you up and say “everything’s going to be alright.”"
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Kobe didnt even fucking flinch lol….


Kobe didnt even fucking flinch lol….

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wake me up - ed sheeran

wake me up - ed sheeran

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"Tammy, I Like Tammy, Okay? And I Don’t Know How You Haven’t Seen It, Even The Whole Team Knows, But She’s Wanted To Be With You For Like Ever, Despite You Completely Ignoring Her. You’ve Been So Fixed On Anna This Whole Time, You Haven’t Even Noticed Anything That Tammy’s Done For You, And Now How Much You’ve Hurt Her… And Guess Who’s The Nice Friend That’s Has To Be There For Her This Whole Time… I Tried To Show Her What She Meant To Me, But She Really Likes You. It Was Like Throwing A Cupcake Into A Wind Tunnel… Look, Every Practice, Every Time We Met Up, I Always Hoped She’d Snap Out Of It. And, After You Tossed Her Aside To Dance With Anna, I Thought That Was For Sure The Last Straw. And, It Just Might Have Been"
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Stars Falling Down- Kina Grannis Song Play in WongFu Mini series When It Counts

So back in Bangladesh!

And once again, interning for BRAC IED. Feels good to be back home and with so much family here, I think I’m going to love it here. Like a home away from home (in London).

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Being oversensitive sucks so much.

It gets in the way of my friendships, often hurting those I love most. I wish I wasn’t so sensitive, it would make my life so much easier.

But my life + easy isn’t meant to happen. It’s like something is stopping me being successful and high-achieving. This doesn’t affect me as much though.

It’s the constant battle with myself, the paranoia, the jumping-to-conclusion-without-reasoning that takes the piss. 

I just wish I didn’t let me sensitivity get in my way, and I’ve hurt my best friend a lot over the years because of this. Yet she’s stuck by me, and I truly feel like I don’t deserve her; she’s so amazing.

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